The Adventure just begann. Exclusivly at

VSL Cabri-G2_100.jpg
— Drew Bolton / BelGeode

VSL Cabri-G2_22.jpg
I am loving this scenery! I spent 4 hours island hopping..I’ve seen peeping Tom’s in the tree s and found a dead guy floating in a swamp, presumably gator got him. Felt bad for his dogs so I loaded his carcass up and threw his dogs in . I dropped the stiff off in port elephant and decided to keep the dogs...😁dusk flight s are amazing..great lighting effects. Thanks so much for Sharing this..
— T.C. Stephens
VSL Cabri-G2_39.jpg
I have not see a mud hole so well represented in any flight sim I have ever used.
— Danny Mckee‎


Texture Experiments with the G2 by vskylabs. Result is amazing.

In cooperation with CDB and Hungary VFR Member as well as RUScenery i started to wreck vehicles that will be used in several scenery projects and be part of a future library update - available for everyone.

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VSL Cabri-G2_183(1).jpg
VSL Cabri-G2_110.jpg
VSL Cabri-G2_121.jpg

Latest Work, Repaints

The next one is a piece of art

finest anodized precious metal, embossed by Penmans Writer, refined with chrome-plated moldings. Damascus steel switches, coated with bakelite controls and handles, stable hammerit and finest teak wood inside the cockpit - protected by Sapphire glass canopy manufactured by czech crystall makers, Original White 'Band Tires - a industrial Duracell Accucell - chargeable by induction of Wind on your Wings